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The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary

"Love Knows No Distance"

Guided Visual Meditation with Gloria...Opening Your Five Senses

Guided Visual Meditation with Gloria...Opening Your Five Senses.

Beginning at 8:00PM and ending at 9:00PM.

Join us the third Wednesday of each month, as Gloria leads us through guided visual meditation, opening our five senses, helping us form stronger communication with God, Angels and Guides, as well as our loved ones, who now reside in Spirit.  

Meditation brings us to a state of profound deep peace. With meditation, we are able to achieve inner transformation. Through guided visual meditation with Gloria, we are brought to a place of awareness, which exists deep inside our hearts and minds. Once this is achieved, many hurts and difficulties from our past begin to heal. It is then replaced with acceptance and peace. For many, meditation is the only path to true healing.

Please join Gloria each month as we journey together, making the impossible, possible!

The cost for this monthly meditation is $20.

Please click on Buy Now button below to purchase for admittance.

Guided Visual Meditation